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At thyme events, our harmonious approach to cooking embraces wholesome ingredients, diligence and care in preparation. We work closely with local farms and purveyors year-round, and menus embrace the essence of the seasons, in both flavor and color.

At thyme events, we take pride in designing a unique menu for each client, because we believe The Menu should reflect personal style or organizational image. Our outstanding chefs will work with you to create
The Menu that satisfies the most discerning tastes.


Cocktail Making
OWG Wedding - 5-17-18 (8).jpg
Friends Eating Dinner

Cocktail Party - Drinks with upscale appetizers (either passed

on trays, or at food stations ) 


Casual Gathering - menu provides lite and affordable appetizers

at a fixed food station, where guests can nibble at their leisure



Plated Dinner - Guest seated, a little more formal, classic and elegant, ...with personalized fine-dining table service.


Buffet Style - is both comfortable and familiar, promoting casual mingling.

Family Style - where platters of food are brought to the guest's tables

and the guests serve themselves, passing platters around the table. 



Roasted Chicken
Cheese Board Shrimp Cocktail.jpg
Yogurt with Fruit
Braised Wild Salmon
Healthy Diet

Additional Sample Menus: 


Sample menus are designed simply to provide an insight to the possibilities.... 

At thyme events, we work with individuals & organizations to best meet your objectives.
Contact thyme events for a personalized custom menu that fits your needs and your budget!

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