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Your style sets the mood and vibe ... 


What type of event do you have in mind?


Modern Cocktail Party event offers guests upscale appetizers (either passed on trays,

or at food stations ) with enough to replace a full meal, while encouraging guests to socialize,

walk around and mingle, rather than be seated next to one person for the whole dinner.

Not only is this lots of fun for guests, it's a great opportunity for people to meet, socialize and

network with each other. This is very popular with corporate and business functions as well as

wedding receptions. Guests truly love the upbeat, social and energetic vibe.


Casual Gathering menu provides lite and affordable appetizers at a fixed food station,

where guests can nibble at their leisure. This promotes mingling in a very low key and relaxing way,

great for open houses, new businesses and casual parties. 


A sit-down, Plated Dinner is a little more formal, classic and elegant. Guests are seated in one spot for longer periods of time, with less socializing time, but will feel well taken care of, with personalized table service like you would receive at a fine dining restaurant --a luxurious treat for your guests.

You can keep this simple and serve one course, or elevate this to several courses or even serve  

multi- course tasting menu with small plates. One of our favorite things we offer is a Chef's Tasting Menu, where there are multiple courses, but they are all a surprise.


Buffet Style Meal -the most common- is both comfortable and familiar, allowing guests an opportunity to stretch their legs, get out of their chairs and mingle a little bit. It creates a more casual, comfortable feel. As much as many of us cringe at the word "buffet",  it really makes guests feel at ease and creates a very warm relaxing social environment. This is also the most affordable way to feed dinner to a crowd.


Our Family Style Meal, is where platters of food are brought to the guest's tables and the guests serve themselves, passing platters around the table. Often we use wooden farm tables , put together to create a long tables of 20 to 30 people, reminiscent of what you would see in Tuscany, Provence or

on a farm. Visually, this is my personal favorite. This is a new fun popular trend in dining. Semi-formal

in feel,  it invites warm interaction and connectivity amongst guests. There are some added costs

which we can explain in detail if you are interested in this.


thyme events offers Full or Limited Bar Service, including fine spirits, wine and beer. 


Drop Off or Pick Up Catering is also available, where platters, trays, or boxes of food are simply dropped off at your location, or picked up at our location. Please submit an inquiry for additional information about this option.

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