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Throughout the year, it's thyme events for festive occasions or solemn observances ...

Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas,
New Year, Passover, Easter, Celebrations...

Looking for holiday catering to be delivered or picked up?

Place your Pickup or Delivery order for the Holidays by visiting our Online Ordering Platform:


Holiday menus are seasonal and are typically published 2-6 weeks in advance of the holiday.

Additional information may be posted on our restaurant website under "Holidays"

Questions? Email or Call 516.625.2566

Prefer full-service catering for the holiday, including staff and/or rentals?

Start by viewing information provided below and then contact us for availability and pricing.
*Please note that pricing and estimates provided may vary on holidays.


Prefer a reservation?

Visit our restaurant, located in the historic Village of Roslyn, overlooking Roslyn Duck Pond and Gerry Park


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